Chemical Engineering

Department Profile

Department Profile

The chemical engineering department was established in 1996 with an intake of 30 students for Bachelor of Technology. Our institute is affiliated to AKTU, Lucknow. Our curriculum has world class norms, in order to provide not only the informational but also to provide the knowledge to create wisdom in the field. The department is determined to enhance the academic excellence of students and involvement of faculties in various activities to explore the knowledge in recent developments in chemical engineering. Department focuses and trains people who can shape the future with competence and dedication. Its courses include all important aspects of chemical engineering with more emphasis on analysis and implementation of various types of technology and development. Department has fully equipped laboratories to facilitate students to improve their practical knowledge in different subjects.

The Department of Chemical Engineering has a strong focus on excellence in education and research.The Department has built up good experimental and computational facilities. The department has been built over the years by faculty members, who have always been exceptionally hard-working, highly dedicated to research and committed to provide cutting edge knowledge and rigorous training to their students.

The Department has well equipped labs with modern facilities such as equipment, measuring tools, advanced machines and latest software. Department has been supported by the World Bank through TEQIP-I (Ist phase), continuing with TEQIP-II and TEQIP-III for development of labs and infrastructure.The labs include Heat transfer with heating machines, CAD Lab with softwares like MATLAB, ANSYS, etc, Mass transfer lab, Energy lab, Chemical Reaction Engineering lab, Fluid flow operation lab, PDC/PI lab, Mechanical operation lab.

The department was initially organized on the basis of specializations with distinct laboratories and academic programmes. Over time, the Department has evolved into a more homogeneous entity, with an emphasis on Chemical Engineering fundamentals.


To impart quality education in chemical engineering to serve the changing needs of industry and society


  1. To strengthen academic infrastructure leading to quality professionals in the field of chemical engineering
  2. To impart the domain knowledge to the students through well designed curriculum based on the inputs from the stake-holders to serve the needs of industry and society.
  3. To enhance the technical skill through collaborations with premier academic institutions, research organizations and industries to promote the employability and inculcate entrepreneurship.

Program Educational Objectives (PEOs)

Program Specific Outcomes (PSOs)

Academic Profile
S.No Name of the faculty No. of publications Degree (highest degree) University
1 Prof. V.K.Tyagi 83 Ph.D. HBTI Kanpur
2 Dr. Hiwarkar A.D 14 Ph.D. IIT Roorkee
3 Dr. Sudeep Yadav 7 Ph.D. AKTU LUCKNOW
4 Dr. Tej pratap Singh 25 Ph.D IIT Roorkee
5 Er. Ravindra Kumar 9 Ph.D (pursuing) M.Tech AKTU, Lucknow
6 Dr. Manju Verma 5 Ph.D IIT Kharagpur
7 Er. Swasti Medha - IIT Gandhinagar
8 Er. Om Kr. Agnihotri 2 IIT Guwahati

List of placed students (On-campus/Off-campus/Higher-studies)

Sr. No. Academic Year Name Roll No. Industry/Institute/Company On/Off Campus
1 2013-2017 Akash Kumar 1304351004 IIT BHU OFF
2 2013-2017 Anurag Jain 1304351005 IIT BHU OFF
3 2013-2017 Binita Joshi 1304351007 IIT BHU OFF
4 2013-2017 Manish Kr Baghel 1304351012 IIT BHU OFF
5 2013-2017 Praagy Shukla 1304351013 Kansai Nerolac Paints Ltd. OFF

Sr. No. Academic Year Name Roll No. Industry/Institute/Company On/Off Campus
1 2014-2018 Aditya Singh Rajpoot 1404351001 IIT ROORKEE OFF
2 2014-2018 Akash gupta 1404351003 ICT MUMBAI OFF
3 2014-2018 Apoorva Pandey 1404351005 ICT MUMBAI OFF
4 2014-2018 Haushila Singh 1404351006 Indian Oil Corp. Ltd. OFF
5 2014-2018 Lucky 1404351010 IIT KHARAGPUR OFF
6 2014-2018 Nikhil Verma 1404351013 Business OFF
7 2014-2018 Pawan Kanaujiya 1404351014 IIT Bombay OFF
8 2014-2018 Sumit Mishra 1404351020 IIT BHU OFF
9 2014-2018 Yash Shrivastava 1404351025 IIT BHU OFF
10 2014-2018 Himanshu Rai 1504351902 Kansai Nerolac Paints ltd. OFF
11 2014-2018 Vishal Kumar 1504351905 Nuberg Engineering Ltd. OFF


Sr. No. Academic Year Name Roll No. Industry/Institute/Company On/Off Campus
1 2015-2019 Abdul Ahmad 1504351002 IIT Roorkee OFF
2 2015-2019 Abhinav Rai 1504351004 LPGC Ltd., Lalitpur ON
3 2015-2019 Diksha Jaiswal 1504351012 IIT Guwahati OFF
4 2015-2019 Arpit Kumar 1504351008 IIT BHU OFF
5 2015-2019 Mukul Jha 1504351016 IIT Guwahati OFF
6 2015-2019 Shubhendra Singh 1504351023 LPGC Ltd., Lalitpur ON
7 2015-2019 Udit Narayan 1504351024 IIT BHU OFF
8 2015-2019 Sadanand Singh 1604351904 Lucknow University OFF
Prof. A. D. Hiwarkar


Chemical Engineering



Dr. Sudeep Yadav

Associate Professor

Chemical Engineering


Dr. T. P. Singh

Assistant Professor

Chemical Engineering


Dr. Ravindra Kumar

Assistant Professor

Chemical Engineering


Technical/Supporting Staff
Name of the StaffDesignationEmail
Suresh Kumar Lab Assistant
Sujeet Narayan Lab Assistant
Brash Bhan Singh Lab Attendant
Lal Bahdur Tiwari Peon

Heat Transfer Lab

  1. Heat transfer through lagged pipe
  2. Thermal conductivity of insulating powder
  3. Heat transfer through pin fin
  4. Emissivity measurement apparatus
  5. Stefan Boltzmann apparatus
  6. Thermal conductivity apparatus
  7. Thermal conductivity in liquid
  8. Thermal conductivity of metal rod
  9. Heat transfer through composite wall

Energy lab

  1. Bomb calorimeter
  2. Muffle furnace
  3. Reid vapor pressure system

Chemical Reaction Engineering Lab

  1. Continuous stirred tank
  2. Isothermal semi-batch reactor
  3. Adiabatic batch reactor
  4. Isothermal batch reactor
  5. Kinetics of dissolution of benzoic acid
  6. Plug flow tube reactor

Fluid flow operation lab

  1. Orifice& mouthpiece(Cv,Cd,Cc)
  2. Laminar flow table
  3. Reynolds apparatus
  4. Notch and rectangular app. 
  5. Nozzel meter test rig
  6. Bernaulli,s theorem app.
  7. Pipe fraction app.
  8. Losses in pipe app.
  9. Discharge through venturimeter orifice meter,androtometer
  10. Metacentric height app.

PDC lab/PI lab

  1. PLC trainer
  2. Two tank interacting system
  3. Interacting and non interacting system
  4.  Single tank system
  5. Two tank non interacting system
  6. Characteristics of P.I.D. controller

Mechanical operation lab

  1. Vibrating screen
  2. Jaw crusher
  3. Plate and frame filter press
  4. Roll crusher
  5. Cyclone separator
  6. Sedimentation study app.
  7. Sieve shaker
  8. Cone classifier
  9. Rotary vacuum
  10. Jar test flucator
  11. Elutriator

Mass Transfer Lab

  1. Spray Tower
  2. Bubble cap distillation column
  3. Simple distillation setup
  4. Absorption in packed bed
  5. Vapour liquid equilibrium set-up
  6. Liquid-Liquid Extractor
  7. Fluid bed drier
  8. Pan crystallizer
  9. Solid in air diffusion
  10. Diffusion in air
  11. Sieve tray absorption operation
  12. Solid liquid extractor
  13. Swemson walker crystallizer
  14. Force draft tray drayer
  15. Water cooling tower
  16. Mass transfer with/without chemical reaction
  17. Natural draft tray dryer

CAD lab

  1. ANSYS 2019 R3
Training Programs Organised

Expert Lecture organized

  • Dr V. C Srivastava (Associate Prof. IIT Roorkee), “Role of Chemical Engineering in area of Energy & Environmental Science”, February 26, 2016.
  • Dr T.C Shami (Joint Director & Head, DMSRDE), “DRDO: Opportunities & Future, Products developed & smart materials for stealth applications”, March 9, 2017.
  • Er. Balram Tyagi (GM, CCIPL, New Delhi),“An Introduction to Oleo Chemicals”, February 13, 2017.
  • Dr. A K. Poonia (Associate Prof & Head, ChE, NIT  Raipur), “Industrial Safety”, January 23, 2018
  • Mr. Harendra Rathore on “Continuous polymerization process with DSC panel for manufacturing of different Garde Polyester Chips”, 15th March, 2018.
  • Mr. Vipul Sen (Sr. Scientist BARC, Mumbai), “Disaster Management and Safety”, Feb 5, 2019.
  • Mr.P.A.Kharwadkar (Managing Director, Corona Plus Industries, Kanpur)    " Role of faculty in nurturing the weakest of weaker section of students studying in technical institutions” on 4th Feb, 2019
  • Mr. Shakti Vinay Shukla (Director FFDC, Kannauj), “Scope  of  Chemical Engineering in Fragrance and Flavour industries”, March 26, 2019
  • Mr. B.K.Paliwal (Head-Quality Assurance Vijay Solvex Limited,Rajasthan)  " Infinite powers of mind – How to get your dream job by using this power?” on 15th July, 2019 
  • Prof. Dr. G A Usmani (Head and Professor, Dept. of Oil Technology, UICT, KBCNMU, Jalgaon) “Application of Modern Chemical Engineering Techniques to improve the Quality and Enhance the production of Oils, Oleochemicals, and Allied products" on 8th Nov, 2019.
  • Dr T.C Shami “Smart Materials for strategic application and Opportunity and challenges in DRDO” on 30th Aug, 2019.
S. No. Name of Activity Sponsoring Agency Duration
1 Workshop on Advanced mathematical computational methods in Engineering TEQIP-II Mar. 20-21,2017
2 FDP on “Development in Sustainable Energy and Environment Protection “ TEQIP-II Mar. 27-31 ,2017
3 FDP on “Industrial Pollution Abatement and waste management “ TEQIP-III Feb.19-23,2018
4 Workshop on “Applied Statistics for experiments “ TEQIP-III Mar. 20-21 ,2018
5 Workshop on “Opportunities and challenges for holistic development of Bundelkhand Region” TEQIP-III Sep. 08-09 ,2018
6 Workshop on “Advanced Analytical Techniques in chemical and allied industries” TEQIP-III Oct 10-11 ,2018
7 STC on ”Recent trends in process intensification in chemical and allied industries” TEQIP-III 27-31 Oct, 2018
8 International workshop on “Specialty Chemicals” TEQIP-III Jan. 22,2019
9 Workshop on Scope, Opportunities and Challenges for Chemical Engineers TEQIP-III Mar. 16 ,2019
10 National Conference on “ Recent Trends in Chemical Engineering and Environment Protection” TEQIP-III Mar. 30,2019
11 Short Term course (STC) on “Technological Advancements in Chemical Engineering ” TEQIP-III July 27-31, 2019
12 One day Workshop on  
" Novel Separation Processes in Chemical and Allied Industries"
TEQIP-III 11 January, 2020.
Conference Organised
Name of Conference OrganisedDate Organised
Recent trends in Chemical Engineering & Environment Protection 30th March, 2019
List of Equipment Costing above Rs. 1 Lac
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