Satellite system controlled by a few miniature chips is not miracle now. Industries, growing electronics, readily requires dexterous professionals in same field. With a view to impact knowledge in this stream, the department was established in 1989 and every year a batch of 60 technophiles accomplished its education

The department has an ardent ambience to channelize the effort of students and enhance their technical skills. The department Courses are composed of subjects giving extensive coverage to basic principles and exposing students to both theoretical concepts and practical aspects, special emphasis is given on Microprocessor and its support chips, Automation in Process Industries, Digital Switching transmission network, Satellite System, Processing & Data Communication Networks

To provide continuous and quality feedback about latest developments in electronics technologies:

The department has fully developed Microprocessor Lab. Microprocessors, which have established themselves as an integral part in modern electronics era. Additional Digital Electronics Lab, learning use of , encoders & decoders, multiplexers & demultiplexers various flip -flop, counters & shift registers , parity generators and parity checkers and the magnitudes comparators .A brief idea of different digital I.C. is provided. Fibre Optics Communication Lab, Fibres being fastest medium for transmission mandatory part of our studies. This lab provides an overview on fundamentals of fibre optics communication and includes study of analog and digital link, knowledge of various types of attenuation :banding, impurity etc. Except these we have Printed Circuit Board Lab and Electrical Machine Lab, to provide a best knowledge to our students.


Under the guidance of season faculty, student of Electronics & Communications Department develops temperament and character in such a way that they easily sail through GATE, GRE and CAT. Further Electronics & Communication Department running a branch council "FEEE" which is taking initiatives to provide environment to student so that they can do well in corporate sector.