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1AICTE associated National Level Internship Program (NLIP) for engineering studentsred-gif 23/07/2021
2Corrected Examination Schedule of B Tech Theory Even Semester 2020-21red-gif23/07/2021
3Important Library Noticered-gif22/07/2021
4Examination Schedule of II, IV, VI Semester B Tech, M Tech, MBA Theory Even Semester 2020-21red-gif19/07/2021
5Student Helpline Cell Regarding Even Semester Examination 2021red-gif16/07/2021
6Important Notice for Students Regarding Even Semester Examination 2020-21red-gif12/07/2021
7Examination Schedule of VIII Semester Theory Even Semester Regular Examination, 2020-21red-gif12/07/2021
8Class Test II Schedule Even Semester 2021red-gif 07/07/2021
9Regarding Class Test 2nd re schedule for B Tech, MBA, M Tech ( 1st & 2nd year) Even Semester 2020-21red-gif03/07/2021
10National Webinar on Career Opportunities after Engineering on 5th July 2021red-gif 30/06/2021
11Video and Poster Making Competition for students of UBA Institutionsred-gif30/06/2021
12Webinar on Cyber Security on 7th July 2021red-gif29/06/2021
13Important Notice for Students Regarding Even Semester 2020-21 Online Examred-gif23/06/2021
14International Yoga Dayred-gif 19/06/2021
15Regarding Examination form session 2020-21 Even Semesterred-gif18/06/2021
16National Webinar on "Life Beyond Studies" on 13th June 2021, 3pmred-gif12/06/2021
17Important Notice : Information Regarding Laptop/
18Important notice regarding those students whose parents/guardian are lost during covid-19 pandemicred-gif05/06/2021
19National Webinar on Satellite Communication on 5th June 2021 at 3 PM jointly organized by BIET Jhansi, SPIU UP, ISTE New Delhi and NUMEREGION, Punered-gif03/06/2021
20Class Test Schedule Even Semester Session 2020-21red-gif03/06/2021
21Important Notice Regarding Classesred-gif01/06/2021
22Class Test Schedule Even Semester 2021red-gif24/05/2021
23Important Notice Regarding Resume Classesred-gif20/05/2021
24Important Notice Regarding Classesred-gif07/05/2021
25Academic Calendar 2020-21 Even Semester B.Tech (IInd and IVth Semester)red-gif19/04/2021
26Academic Calendar 2020-21 Even Semester M.Tech (IInd and IVth Semester)red-gif19/04/2021
27Importance of IP Protection for Startupsred-gif17/04/2021
28Time table of B.Tech Ist, 2nd year and MBAred-gif06/04/2021
29Class Test-I Schedule Even Semester 2021 3rd and final yearred-gif03/04/2021
30Regarding Class Test 1st re-schedule for B.Tech ( IIIrd & IVth year) Even Semester 2020-21red-gif22/03/2021
31Correction of exam schedule M.Tech (Environmental) IIIrd Semester March 2021red-gif18/03/2021
32Correction in Final Schedule of M Tech III semester Exam 2020-21red-gif 10/03/2021
33Important Notice Regarding change in Roll No of B.Tech 1st year studentsred-gif10/03/2021
34Final Examination Schedule of Ist , IIIrd Semester & V Semester(Special Exam COVID) Theory (Regular and Carryover Papers) Examination, 2020-21" red-gif08/03/2021
35Notice Regarding Fee Reimbursement and Scholarship for session 2020-21red-gif25/02/2021
36Suspected data of SC/ST/General students for year 2020-2021red-gif24/02/2021
37First year time table effective from 1 March 2021red-gif24/02/2021
38Tentative Examination Schedule of Ist & IIIrd Semester Theory (Regular and Carryover Papers) Examination, 2020-21red-gif23/02/2021
39Examination Instructions and COVID-19 Guideline for Studentsred-gif23/02/2021
40Schedule of Class Test-II Session 2020-21 ODD Semester for B.Tech(First Year), B.Tech(Second Year Lateral Entry), M.Tech (First Year) & M.B.A. (First Year)red-gif22/02/2021
41Important Notice Regarding Hostel Reopening for CE(3&4 Year), ECE (3&4 Year) and All Branches (1&2 Year))red-gif 20/02/2021
42Notice for Examination of left over Students Who could not appear in Odd Semester examination January 2021 due to COVID 20red-gif19/02/2021
43Notice Regarding Migration Certificatered-gif11/02/2021
44Notice Regarding Fee Reimbursement and Scholarship for session 2020-21red-gif11/02/2021
45Notice Regarding Chief Minister Abhyuday Planred-gif11/02/2021
46Time Table of III and IV year Even Semester (2020-21)red-gif11/02/2021
47Regarding non-transfer of scholarship funds to
48Important Notice Regarding correction in Exam form for First year studentsred-gif05/02/2021
49Roll No of New admitted studentred-gif02/02/2021
50Regarding Examination form Ist & IIIrd semester B.TECH, MBA & M.TECH students session 2020-21 Odd Semesterred-gif02/02/2021
51Regarding Enrollment for New Admitted Student session 2020-21red-gif25/01/2021
52Schedule of Class Test-I Session 2020-21 ODD Semester for B.Tech(First Year), B.Tech(Second Year Lateral Entry), M.Tech (First Year) & M.B.A. (First Year). red-gif22/01/2021
53Odd Semester Exam (2020-21) Seating Planred-gif15/01/2021
54Regarding Class Test 1st Re Schedule for B Tech (First Year & Second Year Lateral Entry), M Tech & MBA (First Semester)red-gif12/01/2021
55Final Examination Schedule of Odd Semester Theory (Regular and Carryover Papers) Examination, 2020-21red-gif 11/01/2021
56Regarding Class Test 1st Re-Schedule for B Tech (First Year & Second Year Lateral Entry)red-gif08/01/2021
57Important Notice : Rules and Regulations for Hostel residents during Odd Semester Exam (2020-21)red-gif07/01/2021
58Shri Dorilal Agrawal Scholarship to Meritorious Disabled Students 2020red-gif05/01/2021
59Regarding admission for Session 2021-22red-gif04/01/2021
60Examination Instructions and COVID-19 Guideline for Studentsred-gif01/01/2021
61Notice Regarding Examination Schedule of Odd Semester Theory (Regular and Carryover Papers) Examination, 2020-21red-gif01/01/2021
62Induction Program Schedule for First Year Studentsred-gif08/01/2021
63Schedule of Class Test-I Session 2020-21 ODD Semester for M.Tech & MBA 3rd Semred-gif23/12/2020
64Regarding Class Test 1st Re-Schedulered-gif22/12/2020
65Notice for Examination of left over Students Who could not appear in Even Semester examination September 2020 due to COVID 20red-gif15/12/2020
66Regarding National Scholarship Application formred-gif 15/12/2020
67Class Time Table 1st Yearred-gif05/12/2020
68Regarding Scholarship Session 2020-21red-gif05/12/2020
69Important Instruction Regarding Registration of New Admitted Ist Year B Tech/MBA & Lateral Entry IInd Year for Session 2020-21red-gif01/12/2020
70Examination form B Tech V Semester & VII Semester session 2020-21 Odd Semesterred-gif27/11/2020
71M.Tech Spot Counselling-3 on 28 Nov.2020red-gif23/11/2020
72Notice Regarding registration of MBA and M.Tech. second year studentsred-gif23/11/2020
73Important Instruction Regarding Fee Submission of New Admitted Ist Year B Tech/MBA & Lateral Entry IInd Year for Session 2020-21red-gif20/11/2020
74M.Tech on Spot round -2 counselling on 19/11/2020red-gif13/11/2020
75Important Instruction Regarding Registration of New Admitted Ist Year B Tech/MBA & Lateral Entry IInd Year for Session 2020-21red-gif13/11/2020
76Documents for Registration of first year/ lateral entry students for session 2020-21red-gif13/11/2020
77Final Schedule for Carry Over Examination, Even semester 2019-20 ( For Third Year & Second Year Students), 2019-2020red-gif12/11/2020
78Final Schedule for Special Carry Over Examination, 2019-20 (Only for Pass Out Students), 2019-2020red-gif11/11/2020
79Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) for Conduct of Carry over Examinationred-gif10/11/2020
80Covid Notice Carry Over Exam 2019-20red-gif10/11/2020
81Scrutiny & Re evaluation Result 2019-20red-gif10/11/2020
82Tentative Schedule for Special Carry Over Examination & Carry Over Examination, 2019-20red-gif06/11/2020
83Regarding Registration & Fee payment of MBA, M Tech (III Semester) session 2020-21red-gif03/11/2020
84National Webinar is organized on the topic 'Gender Sensitisation and Women Empowerment'red-gif30/10/2020
85Notice for Special Carry Over Exam 2019-20red-gif29/10/2020
86Online Class Test-II (Odd Semester 2020-21) Schedulered-gif28/10/2020
87The Third list of provisionally allotted candidates for M.Tech 2020-21red-gif27/10/2020
88Regarding Scholarship form 2020red-gif27/09/2020
89Regarding Class Test rescheduled from 02-11-2020 to 04-11-2020 red-gif26/10/2020
90The second list of provisionally allotted candidates for M.Tech 2020-21red-gif21/10/2020
91AICTE Pragati and Saksham Scholarship Schemes (Degree Level) - Uttar Pradeshred-gif19/10/2020
92Regarding Chhatra Vishwakarma Award 2020red-gif19/10/2020
93Regarding Scrutiny & Re-evaluation Even Semester 2019-20red-gif12/10/2020
94Provisional Seat allotment of M.Tech Students for session 2020-21red-gif12/10/2020
95All India competition for Aatmanirbhar Bharat Organized VIBHA and Unnat Bharat Abhiyan for B.Tech, M.Tech Studentsred-gif06/10/2020
96Transformations in Computer Science and Engineering (Under Knowledge Transfer Series) 26th September 2020 at 3 PM through ZOOM Meetred-gif26/09/2020
97Online Class Test-I (Odd Semester 2020-21) Schedulered-gif24/09/2020
98Odd Semester Exam (Session 2019-20) MBA and M.Tech seating plan red-gif21/09/2020
99Important Notice regarding Guest faculty selection 2020red-gif17/09/2020
100Walk-in interview for the Selection of Guest Faculty for the session 2020-21 in various departments of the institutered-gif10/09/2020
101Important Notice Regarding Admission in M.Tech Programmes for Session 2020-21red-gif10/09/2020
102Even Semester Exam (2019-20) Seating Plan for Final Year Studentsred-gif11/09/2020
103Guidelines related to entry and exit during Examred-gif05/09/2020
104Arrival and Departure Schedule of Students for appearing in September 2020 (Theory Examination, 2019-20)red-gif02/09/2020
105Regarding Class Test rescheduled from 28-09-2020 to 30-09-2020red-gif02/09/2020
106Notice Regarding Branch Changered-gif01/09/2020
107Important Notice Regarding Examination Instructions and COVID-19 guidelines for Even Semester Theory Examination, 2019-20red-gif01/09/2020
108Final Examination Schedule of Even Semester Theory (Regular and Carryover Papers) Examination, 2019-20red-gif01/09/2020
109Admission to M Tech Programmes for Academic Year 2020-21red-gif01/09/2020
110Important instructions for students regarding scholarship and fee reimbursement-2020-21red-gif29/08/2020
111Notice form BIET Central Libraryred-gif28/08/2020
112Important Notice Regarding Examination Schedule of Even Semester Theory (Regular and Carryover Papers) Examination, 2019-20red-gif26/08/2020
113Regarding Registration & Fee payment of session 2020-21red-gif11/08/2020
114Important Notice regarding Fee Payment of Session 2020-21red-gif25/08/2020
115VLabs E-BOOTATHON from August 18-24, 2020red-gif10/08/2020
116National webinar on Artificial Intelligence applied to COVID 19 DATA 8TH AUGUST 2 PM JOINTLY ORGANISED BY SPIU UP & BIET JHANSIred-gif07/08/2020
117Time Table (2020-21)red-gif05/08/2020
118Academic Calendar 2020-21 Odd Semester red-gif05/08/2020
119Regarding Fee Payment through Bank Loanred-gif05/08/2020
120Webinar on 'AICTE SCHOLARSHIP, FELLOWSHIP and TRAVEL SUPPORT for STUDENTS on 7 August, 5 pmred-gif04/08/2020
121FEES STRUCTURE SESSION 2020-21red-gif30/07/2020
122Regarding BIET Examination form B.Tech MBA & M.Tech session 2019-20 Even Semesterred-gif28/07/2020
123Important Notice Regarding Odd Semester Registrationred-gif27/07/2020
124कार्यालयज्ञापए दिनांकरू 24.07.2020 red-gif25/07/2020
125Webinar on MSP430 Microcontroller and Project Designing on July 25, 2020, at 11:00 AM10/07/2020
126An Appeal by Director regarding COVID-19red-gif17/07/2020
127Internship through Drug Discovery Hackathon with massive training sessions from 13 th July 2:30 pm onwards on YouTube Channel: MHRD Innovation
128Regarding Time table for Scholarship and fee reimbursement session 2020-21red-gif10/07/2020
129Regarding updation of AADHAAR for scholarship & fee reimbursement session :2020-21red-gif10/07/2020
130Important Notice: COVID-19 help deskred-gif06/07/2020
131A Webinar on Advancements in Antenna Simulation with Webinar on Advancements in Antenna Simulation with TaraNG:19.1red-gif02/07/2020
132Annual Progress Report 2018-19red-gif01/07/2020
133Webinar on Learning from Bollywood Movies 20 June 2020 from 5 pm to 7 pmred-gif18/06/2020
134Webinar on Effective Decision Making Tools during and beyond COVID-19red-gif11/06/2020
135Important Notice: TEQIP Phase III: ‘Diagnostic Assessment’ of students in online mode through NASSCOM SSCred-gif09/06/2020
136Office Order Regarding COVID-19red-gif01/06/2020
137Precautionary measures for COVID-19red-gif26/05/2020
138Regarding Enrollment Formred-gif22/05/2020
139An Appeal by Director and Chairmanred-gif18/05/2020
140Guruji Shri Ravi Shankar's live session for TEQIP institute's students and faculty May 9, 11:30 amred-gif09/05/2020
141Notice Regarding Ayush Kavachred-gif07/05/2020
142AICTE Offers 49 Free E-Learning Courses For Studentsred-gif06/05/2020
143Online Class Test-II Schedulered-gif28/04/2020
144Regarding Class Test-IIred-gif25/04/2020
145Notice regarding NCERred-gif21/04/2020
146Instruction for Institutes on 15.04.2020 by AICTEred-gif16/04/2020
147Important Notice regarding COVID-19red-gif11/04/2020
148निदेशक की समस्त विद्यार्थियों से अपील30/03/2020
149Free online courses for Faculty and Studentsred-gif30/03/2020
150Let COVID-19 not stop you learningred-gif26/03/2020
151Office Order Regarding COVID-19red-gif21/03/2020
152Advisory regarding COVID-19 red-gif19/03/2020
153Important Notice Regarding Enrollment of all UG & PG Studentsred-gif19/03/2020
154Regarding Classes Suspended up to 22-03-2020red-gif14/03/2020
155Regarding Class Test Ired-gif06/02/2020
156Regarding Scrutiny & Reevaluation Odd Semester 2019-20red-gif29/01/2020
157Final Schedule for B.Tech IInd year Old Scheme/Syllabus and Carryover Old Scheme/Syllabus Odd Semester Examination 2019 20red-gif20/12/2019
158Time Table 2019-20red-gif18/12/2019
159Tentative Schedule for B.Tech IInd year Old Scheme/Syllabus and Carryover Old Scheme/Syllabus Odd Semester Examination 2019 20red-gif12/12/2019
160Regarding Even Semester Admission Session 2019-20 Remaining Institute and Mess Feered-gif02/12/2019
161Notice for Second Year Regular and Ex Old scheme odd semester 2018 19red-gif20/11/2019
162Revised Final Schedule for Final Year Students Odd Semester, 2019-20red-gif20/11/2019
163Final Schedule for 1st year B Tech, MBA, M Tech _ New & Old Syllabus_ & IInd year M Tech Odd Semester 2019-20red-gif18/11/2019
164Regarding Odd Semester Exam Seating Planred-gif18/11/2019
165Final Schedule for B.Tech IInd, IIIrd, Final Year & MBA IInd Year Odd Semester, 2019-20red-gif15/11/2019
166BIET Examination form Ist year B.Tech, MBA & M.Tech session 2019-20red-gif13/11/2019
167Tentative Schedule B.Tech, MBA, M.Tech Ist year & old Ist & IInd year Odd Semester 2019-20red-gif 12/11/2019
168Tantative Schedule for B Tech IInd, IIIrd , Final Year & MBA IInd Year Odd Semester, 2019 20red-gif05/11/2019
169BIET Examination form IInd, IIIrd, IVth year B Tech MBA & Mtech odd sem 2018-19red-gif05/11/2019
170Class Test - II Seating Plan red-gif22/10/2019
171Class Test - II Schedule red-gif22/10/2019
172Regarding Class Test IIred-gif22/10/2019
173Regarding Class Test Odd Semester 2019-20red-gif28/08/2019
174Notice Regarding Mandatory 75% Attendance for Scholarshipred-gif21/08/2019
175Regarding Direct Admission for M Tech on vacant seats for Session 2019-20red-gif13/08/2019
176Regarding Scrutiny & Reevaluation Even Semester 2018-19red-gif29/07/2019
177Regarding Internal Branch Sliding for new Student admitted in 2019red-gif29/07/2019
179Regarding Anti ragging Affidavits for New Studentred-gif18/07/2019
180Tentative Schedule for Special Carry Over 2018-19red-gif17/07/2019
181Important Instruction for 1st Year & 2nd Year (Lateral Entry) students for session 2019-20red-gif15/07/2019
182Regarding Ph.D Studentred-gif10/07/2019
183Notice for Special Carry Over Exam 2018-19red-gif01/07/2019
184Regarding Student Registration Session 2019-20 ODD Semesterred-gif21/06/2019
185Library Notice 22/04/2019red-gif22/04/2019
186Final Schedule for Even Semester B Tech, MBA, M Tech Exam 2018-19red-gif15/04/2019
187Tentative Schedule for B.Tech, MBA, M.Tech Even Semester, 2018-19red-gif04/04/2019
188Regarding Examination Form for Even Semester 2018-19red-gif26/03/2019
189Library Notice28/09/2016