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Sr. No.SubjectDate
1Revised schedule for M. Tech.-First Semester Construction Technology & Management Odd Semester 2018 - 19red-gif 03/12/2018
2Final Schedule for all Odd Semester Examination, 2018-19 red-gif29/11/2018
3BIET Examination form 1st year B Tech, MBA & Mtech odd semester 2018-19red-gif28/11/2018
4Tantative Schedule for Ist (CO, Ex), IInd, IIIrd & Final Year Odd Semester, B Tech & MBA 2018-19red-gif22/11/2018
5Notice Regarding BIET Examination form IInd, IIIrd, IVth year B Tech MBA & Mtech odd semester 2018-19red-gif17/11/2018
6Notice Regarding Scholarship 16/10/2018 red-gif16/10/2018
7Notice Regarding Enrollment (1st Year B Tech , MBA & IInd Year Literal)red-gif10/10/2018
8Regarding Ist class test odd sem 2018-19red-gif05/09/2018
9Regarding Last date of scholarship form Submissionred-gif05/09/2018
10Notice Regarding Branch Change for Second Year B.Tech. Students Except Literal Entry23/08/2018
11Regarding Internal Branch Sliding for new Student red-gif14/08/2018
12Regarding Internal Branch Sliding for new admitted studentred-gif10/08/2018
13Notice for M. Tech. Studentsred-gif06/08/2018
14Important Notice related to internal sliding (Internal Branch Change) for newly admitted students (Admitted between July 20-25, 2018) at BIET Jhansired-gif26/07/2018
15Important Notice related to Registration and Beginning of Classes of Newly Admitted Ist Year (B Tech/Lateral Entry and MBA Students of session 2018-19red-gif21/07/2018
16Important Notice related to Registration of All the 2nd, 3rd and Final Year students of BIET Jhansired-gif21/07/2018
17Important Instruction for Ist Year/ Lateral Entry students for session 2018-19 red-gif17/07/2018
18Revised Fee Structure for 2nd, 3rd and Final Year Students of BIET Jhansi of session 2018-19 red-gif17/07/2018
19Library Notice28/09/2016