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1Odd Semester Examination Schedule for B.Tech III, IV Year & MBA, M.Tech III Semester29/11/2023
2Important Notice Regarding the Odd Semester Examination 2023-2421/11/2023
3Important Notice Regarding the Enrollment of Newly Admitted Students20/11/2023
4Class Test - 1 Schedule of B. Tech, M. Tech and M.B.A. 1st Year20/11/2023
5Imortant Notice Regarding Class Test - 1 of B. Tech, M. Tech and M.B.A. 1st Year18/11/2023
6Regarding Digi Locker ID creation of Students 18/11/2023
7Regarding Examination form Odd Semester session 2023-24 B.TECH.,(Vth Semester, VIIth Semester) M.B.A.& M. Tech. (IIIrd Semester) (Regular and Carryoverr Papers) 18/11/2023
8Important Notice Regarding New Staff for Scholarship06/11/2023
9Class Test 2 schedule for B. Tech 2nd, 3rd & Final Year, M. Tech 2nd Year and M.B.A.2nd Year19/10/2023
10Important Notice Regarding the Internal Branch Sliding of B.Tech 1st Year and B.Tech 2nd Year Leatral Entry Students 05/10/2023
11Regarding commencement of Classes for New admitted students 2023 2404/10/2023
12Walk-in-Interview for the Selection of Guest Faculty session 2023-24 04/10/2023
13Time Table B.Tech 1st Year Session 2023-24 21/10/2023
14Induction Program Schedule 2023 03/10/2023
15Registration Date Extended for Newly Admitted Students 30/09/2023
16Important Notice Regarding Class Test 1 13/09/2023
17Advertisement for the post of Project Assistant for CARS Project 06/09/2023
18Regarding Challenge Evaluation B.Tech., MBA & M.Tech. for session 2022-2305/09/2023
19Walk-in-Interview of Guest Faculty for session 2023-2426/08/2023
20Advertisement for Non Teaching Post at BIET Jhansi 19/08/2023
21Regarding M Tech admission Session 2023-2426/08/2023
22Time Table B.Tech and MBA 2nd Year Session 2023-24 16/08/2023
23Time Table B.Tech 3rd Year Session 2023-24 14/08/2023
24Important Notice Regarding Scholarship 2023-24 04/08/2023
25Online Registration and Fee Payment for B.Tech. Counselling 2023 has been started. 26/07/2023
26Time Table B.Tech Final Year Session 2023-2424/07/2023
27Regarding Registration of 3rd & 5th odd semester Students 2023-2420/07/2023
28Final Examination Schedule EVEN Semester B.Tech.(2nd semester & 4th Semester) , MBA & M.Tech. 1st year 2nd Semester Examination, 2022-23 20/07/2023
29Regarding Examination Dates Even Semester session 2022-23 First Year 2nd Semester B. Tech., MBA & M.Tech. (Regular and Carry over Papers)15/07/2023
30Tentative Examination Schedule EVEN Semester B.Tech. , MBA & M.Tech. 1st year 2nd Semester Examination, 2022-23 11/07/2023
31Regarding Classes of 1st Year Students 2022-23 28/06/2023
32Regarding Registration of VIIth semester Students 2023-2428/06/2023
33Notice for Tablet distribution 09/06/2023
34Notice regarding educational qualification of employees deputed at Institution.07/06/2023
35Notice Regarding Institute Timing 31/05/2023
36Important Notice Regarding Tablet Distribution 20/05/2023
37Important Notice and Application form Regarding Outsourcing 20/05/2023
38Final Examination Schedule EVEN Semester MBA 2nd Year Examination, 2022-23 18/05/2023
39Notice Regarding Summer Vacation 16/05/2023
40Important Notice Regarding the Carry-over Examination of B.Tech 3rd and Final Year 15/05/2023
41Tentative Examination Schedule EVEN Semester B.Tech. & MBA 2nd Year Examination, 2022-23 11/05/2023
42Regarding Examination form Even Semester session 2022-23 2nd Year IVth Semester B. Tech. & MBA08/05/2023
43Important Updated Notice for newly admitted students session 2022-2305/11/2022
44Tentative Examination Schedule Odd Semester Examination, 2022-23" Final Year VIIth Semester B. Tech.Theory (Regular and Carryover Papers)05/11/2022
45Regarding Re-allotment of Saket and Rajendra Agnihotri Hostel17/09/2022
46e-Yantra Innovation Challenge for students06/09/2022
47Regarding schedule for B Tech Class Test 1st, 5th & 7th Semester 2022-2303/09/2022
48Regarding Class Test 1st schedule for B Tech ( IInd year 4th semester) Even Semester 2021-22 red-gif24/03/2022
49Regarding Examination form Even Semester session 2021-22 B.Tech. (VIth, VIIIth Semester), M.B.A. (IVth Semester) red-gif24/03/2022
50Timetable of B.Tech 2nd Year red-gif14/03/2022
51Tentative Examination Schedule of Regular and Carryover Papers (Theory) for 1st Semester of B.Tech., MBA and M.Tech for the Session 2021-22. red-gif05/03/2022
52Regarding Scrutiny & Re-evaluation Odd Semester 2021-22. red-gif05/03/2022
53Important Notice : Regarding the End Semester Examination of B.Tech (2nd Year)29/01/2022